The Victoria Hotel in Metsovo

Victoria Hotel is located at the entrance of Metsovo Town, just a 10-minute walk from the city center.

Metsovo is a beautiful mountain town of Epirus amphitheatrically built in a green landscape on the slopes of Pindos, at an altitude of 1,300 meters. In recent years it has developed into a cosmopolitan tourist resort, especially during the winter months. Metsovo enchants visitors with its natural wealth, wild beauty and the alternation of the landscape, every season of the year.

Some of the largest rivers in the country, such as Aoos, Arachthos and Pinios, spring from the mountains that surround Metsovo. It is located northwest of Greece, at a distance of 420 km from Athens, 240 km from Thessaloniki, 40 km from Ioannina and 70 km from Trikala.

Metsovo is the ideal destination for nature lovers, as in the area there is a variety of activities that every visitor can enjoy.

In addition to skiing in the ski resorts of the area, you can enjoy mountaineering, hiking and cycling routes in the enchanting landscape that surrounds Metsovo. You can also enjoy amateur fishing and visit various attractions and museums, such as the Averoff Gallery and the Metsovo Folklore Museum and the Tsanaka Museum.

Below we present you every activity you can enjoy combining your stay at our hotel.

Activities in Metsovo

Ursa Trail - Hiking trails around Metsovo

The Ursa Trail – Bear Trail – is a mountain trail 40 km around Metsovo. The trail can be walked almost all year round and every year the Ursa Trail and In the Footsteps of the Bear are held. In 2016, Ursa Trail received the certification “Leading Quality Trails – Best of Europe” from the European Hiking Federation, establishing Metsovo as one of the most important hiking destinations in Europe. The Ursa Trail passes through monuments and landscapes of unique beauty.

Epirus Trail - The 370 km trail

The Epirus Trail is a great mountain adventure that crosses the whole of Epirus, from Grammos to Tzoumerka. With an initially estimated length of 300 km, the Epirus Trail is the largest single hiking trail ever designed in Greece. It includes the Regional Units of Konitsa, Zagori, Metsovo and North Tzoumerka, while the future goal is to unite areas of Epirus but also to expand to Macedonia. The areas it crosses include places of exceptional natural beauty, unique landscape changes, interesting anthropogenic environment while the cultural elements that “dress” it give it an important peculiarity.

Ski resorts

Metsovo Politses Ski Center

At the Metsovo Politses Ski Center, you can enjoy Alpine Skiing or Endurance Skiing, Snowboard Skiing, Sledding or other Snowmobiles. The Ski Center includes a Chalet and it is possible to rent your equipment.

Karakoli Ski Center

At Karakoli Ski Resort, you can enjoy Alpine Skiing or Snowboarding. The Center also includes Chalets.

Anilio Ski Center

Anilio Ski Center provides guests with Alpine Skiing, Endurance Skiing, Snowboard Skiing, Mountain Skiing, Sledding, or Snowmobiles as well as you can rent your equipment. Equipment Rental You also have a Chalet and a Ski Shop


Excursions - Fishing - Camping - Botany

  • Peripheral road of Lake Pigon Aoos
  • Valia Calda (West Access)
  • Politses Plateau, Metsovo Ski Center
  • Zygos Plateau, Anilio Ski Center
  • Aoos Pigon Lake
  • Rivers: Aoos, Metsovitikos, Aniliotikos

Montenegro Shelter, Aoos Spring Lake, Valia Calda

Karakoli, Politses Plateau

North Pindos National Park

The exhibition area of ​​the Metsovo Information Center presents the southeastern part of the North Pindos National Park with a focus on the two main natural formations located in the wider area of ​​Metsovo: the Pindos National Park (Valia Calda) and the sources of the river Ao is dedicated to him in the settlement of Metsovo. At the same time, reference is made to the human activities and the occupations of the inhabitants in the past and today as well as to the alternative activities that the visitors of the area can develop.